This Egyptian swimmer broke boundaries for women | Words of Olympians

Rania Elwani pushes through the boundaries set for women as a three-time Olympian for Egypt.

Once A Refugee, Now An Olympic Swimmer

Showing the world that anyone can achieve anything, no matter their background.

Tim Montgomery: Back from the Brink

Tim Montgomery, once the fastest man on the planet, the American sprinter became infamous for his involvement in one of Athletics' biggest doping scandals. Montgomery turned to crime and was sentenced to eight years in jail in 2008. Whilst in prison, Tim reflected on the past and began a journey of redemption. The 41-year-old tells us about his life playing against the odds.

Kionte Storey: From Depression To Paralympian

Kionte Storey, after losing his leg in combat, has become an adaptive athlete.

Derek Redmond's Emotional Olympic Story - Injury Mid-Race | Barcelona 1992 Olympics

Derek Redmond gives his everything to finish the Olympic race even with a sudden hamstring injury. This is the definition of determination.

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